Fyrex, Ltd. was established in 2002 by highly motivated technical team that earlier co-founded Eastisoft, Inc. The main focus of the young company was the future development, implementation and support of the Grant Management System.

The successful history of the projects GMS 2000 (Grant Management System), GMS Millennium Edition (GMSMe) and Online Activity Consolidation System (OACS) defined the strong background of the Fyrex team. All these products have been developed for and are owned by the George Soros’ foundation – OSF, Zug, Switzerland.

All development, support, technical implementation and maintenance activities for GMS2000, GMSMe and OACS during the last 15 years have been completed by Fyrex team.

Fyrex, Ltd. provided Implementation of the GMS Millennium Edition in the entire Central Asia Region, Caucasus, Indonesia and Guatemala National Foundations of the OSF. Latest years was dedicated to Africa - Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Kenya.

The much needed revamping of the GMS Millenium Edition is done. The main purpose was to refresh the technology behind it, and as an extra - addition of new features. The name of the new product is GMS.NET.

Based on the deep knowledge and experience gathered, in 2019 we launched our own product HOPE. HOPE is a cloud-based System dealing with Budgets, Projects, Grants, Financial and much more, and following SaaS concepts and best practices. We have conducted a carefully managed pilot program with several of our previous clients from the Eurasia Foundation group, providing them tools to manage their real corporate data.

FYREX Ltd. has developed for our client MOBILE MONITORING SYSTEM (MMS) - a complete Client Server Health Monitoring system to gather all the data from the various Bluetooth devices and manage the users of those devices by parameters that can be configured and monitored from the web based application. MMS provides monitoring of the Heart Rate, Geo Fencing, Geographic location, Alcohol monitoring, Biometric Voice recognition and deliver a multi-tiered solution to monitor the user's temperature, oxygen levels, heart rate, location, and daily schedule (in response to the COVID 19).